Wooden Sugar Bowl – Bird’s Eye Maple, Cherry & Walnut

wooden sugar bowlThis stacked wooden sugar bowl was inspired by a wood whisperer piece that was used as a salt cellar.  I made two of these – the wood-donor uses it for a couple of different kinds of salt while we use ours as a sugar bowl.  I always liked white sugar in my tea and raw in my coffee (although I now use raw in both, if you care), so I wanted a fairly compact way to have both on the counter.  A good friend found a warped piece of bird’s eye maple in the garage of his new house and figured (insert own, “no i said bird’s eye” gag here) that I might be able to use it.  After planing it down, I decided to use it in several smaller sections due to the extent of the warping.

wooden sugar bowl  wooden sugar bowl

I used a piece of the bird’s eye maple that was a little over 1/2″ deep, and 1 3/4″ deep pieces of cherry and walnut and cut them to size.  In hindsight, I would use a slightly thinner piece of each of the cherry and walnut, as the flush-trim router bit that I have didn’t easily reach the template on top.

dish carving template  dish carving templateAfter drawing the outline of the pieces on a piece of 1/2″ ply, I used a drill press and a hole set to drill two overlapping, but different sized holes that I then used a rasp to even out the edges so that there was one suitably sized and shaped hole to use as a template for the wooden sugar bowl.

glued up sugar bowl  glued up sanded sugar bowl
I glued all three pieces together with paper in between them so that I could work with them temporarily as one piece of wood.  I then sanded them and rounded the edges on the belt sander.

split out bowl  routed wooden bowlAfter sanding, the three pieces were pried apart with a putty knife and then the paper was sanded off on the belt sander.  Following that, the bulk of the material was removed with a forstner bit, and then the templates shown above were used to rout out the final bowl-holes.

mineral oiled bowl  odies wood butterAfter routing, the wooden sugar bowls were sanded and then mineral oil was applied.  After resting for a day, Odie’s wood butter was used to seal and stabilize the wood, and act as the final finish.

wooden sugar bowls  wooden sugar bowl The almost finished article(s).  (After this, i inserted magnets to make the lids close to a specific point.)  The sugar bowls (ok, he uses his as a salt bowl…) came out nicely, but not all that well balanced with their height.

wooden sugar bowls  wooden sugar bowlsI’m not sure this post shows how great the bird’s eye maple is, but here is a close up – just amazingly bright and textured:
bird's eye maple


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