Walnut, Cherry & Maple Cutting Board

Drew cabinet cutting board

This board was a 40th birthday present for a friend.  He had asked if I could knock him together a board as his existing board was in bad shape.  He has a slot in his kitchen counter that the existing one slides into. This is a long-grain board, so not ideal as a chopping board, however, still better than the existing plywood one that has seen better days!

Walnut maple & cherry cutting board First I cut the walnut, maple and cherry stock to the desired length and widths, following glue-up, the board was run through the planer to make a straight board.  I marked out dovetails to cut and attach an extra piece of wood to act as a pull for the board to remove it from it’s slot in the cabinet. I then hand-cut dovetails and glued the pieces together.





Walnut maple & cherry cutting board   Walnut maple & cherry cutting board I then routed a juice channel in the walnut, maple & cherry cutting board, as well as adding a groove on the underside of the dovetailed walnut piece to allow for easy removal from its slot. The cutting board was then finished with several coats of mineral oil. Walnut maple & cherry cutting board walnut-maple-cherry-cutting-board5   Walnut maple & cherry cutting board Voila – one walnut, maple & cherry cutting board.  Now, only 8 months later, I managed to get round to cuting a chunk of the handle off as it won’t fit in the slot, and fixing his cabinet as the board is too thin for the existing rickety rails.  Note to self: start too big next time. Here are some more shots of the finished article with the trimmed handle and a new groove routed in to make it easer to grab.

drew cabinet cutting board  drew cabinet cutting board drew cabinet cutting board  drew cabinet cutting board

And here are a few shots of it in situ.

drew cabinet cutting boarddrew cabinet cutting board

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