Maple and Walnut Cheese Boards

These are two maple and walnut cheese boards made from a single piece of 2″ thick maple.  As ever, the designs were dependent on the character in the wood.  These two maple and walnut cheese boards have since been given as gifts to my wife’s brother and parents.

maple walnut cheese board      maple walnut cheese board

The maple was run through the dado stack to create the feet in each case.  Then ‘sections’ created in each board by inlaying walnut.

maple walnut cheese board      maple walnut cheese board

maple walnut cheese board

I have since changed the way I do this, following the dado stack, I now finish the underside of the cheese boards with a bowl-carving router bit to give rounded inside edges.

Update: I also started making some wooden cheese knives so that these boards get less hacked up as people use them. These ones are on the larger side for the old folks.. 🙂 :

maple cheese knives      maple cheese board with knives

maple cheese board with knives

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