Glassybaby Votive Holders – Steel & Walnut

glassybaby votive holders

These walnut and steel glassybaby votive holders started as a project for a Christmas and birthday present for my mother-in-law.  The original one can hold five glassybaby votives, while the “birthday present” holders pictured can hold two glassybaby votives each.
Two double glassybaby holders double glassybaby holder

The Process

After milling the stock and creating a jig, a bowl-carving router bit was used to create the indentations in the walnut to hold the glassybaby votives.
glassybaby holder jig

After cutting the steel angles, and grinding and filing the edges, a drill press was used to bore holes for attaching them to the walnut.
glassybaby holder unattachedglassybaby holder unfinished

Following attachment of the feet/handles to the glassybaby votive holders, they were sanded and then treated with Odie’s Wood Butter, and then buffed to a shine.
glassybaby holder with wood butterlassy baby holder finishedlassy baby holder finishedChristmas glassybaby holdersteel and walnut glassybaby holders

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