Cherry Wood Cheese Board

Cherry Cheese Board

This cherry cheese board was a housewarming gift for a friend’s new vacation home. The board is made of 2″ deep cherry and is approximately 19″ long x 8″ wide. It features walnut inlay, and a routed area for holding crackers (biscuits!). There are also three cherry cheese knives. Unfortunately, I failed to take pictures throughout the process, however, it was similar to others on the site, with the main difference being the routed cracker area.

Cherry Cheese Board - underside Cherry Cheese Board Grooves

First, I used a dado stack to take out most of the underside. Following that, I ran a regular blade from underneath to make a space for the inlay on the underside. Likewise, I used the table saw and crosscut sled to add the two inlay dividers on the top side of the cherry wood cheese board. Following that, I used the router table and a bowl carving bit to flatten the underside of the board, leaving two ridges along the underside ’cause I thought they looked cool. 🙂

Cherry Cheese Board Cherry Cheese Board

I removed some initial material from the ‘cracker slot’ using a large forstner bit, and following that, I set up a ‘template’ on my router table using corner brackets attached to the fence to set the area to be routed out. Following that, the board was sanded and then a round-over bit was used to add a curve to the edges. Small fingered immigrant offspring was then used for sanding (limited success).

Cherry Cheese Board Cherry Cheese BoardThe cherry wood cheese board and knives were then oiled with mineral oil (images below), and following that, were treated with Odie’s wood butter.

Cherry Cheese Board and Maple Cheese Board Cherry Cheese Board and Maple Cheese Board

Hopefully Mel likes it and it gets well used!

Cherry Cheese Board

Cherry Cheese Board

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