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Maple Cheese Board with Walnut Inlay

maple cheese boardThis maple cheese board with walnut inlay was a gift for my wife. I didn’t take many pictures on this one, but after milling the maple to the correct size, I made three partial cross-cuts for the inlay (obviously on purpose – I hadn’t originally planned for two or anything…), and then cut and glued in the walnut inlay.

maple cheese board  maple cheese board

Then a dado stack was used to remove the wood from the underside of the board and create two rails for ‘feet’. Following that, a bowl-carving router bit was used to make the underside and interior curves smooth before using a round-over bit to make all the outside corners rounded.

maple cheese board   maple cheese board

The cheese knives were made from maple and walnut to match the maple cheese board and it’s walnut inlay. Knives were cut from a template using a band saw and then a belt sander was used to shape them into functioning knives.  Knives and boards were finished with Odie’s wood butter.

maple cheese board

Cherry Wood Cheese Board

Cherry Cheese Board

This cherry cheese board was a housewarming gift for a friend’s new vacation home. The board is made of 2″ deep cherry and is approximately 19″ long x 8″ wide. It features walnut inlay, and a routed area for holding crackers (biscuits!). There are also three cherry cheese knives. Unfortunately, I failed to take pictures throughout the process, however, it was similar to others on the site, with the main difference being the routed cracker area.

Cherry Cheese Board - underside Cherry Cheese Board Grooves

First, I used a dado stack to take out most of the underside. Following that, I ran a regular blade from underneath to make a space for the inlay on the underside. Likewise, I used the table saw and crosscut sled to add the two inlay dividers on the top side of the cherry wood cheese board. Following that, I used the router table and a bowl carving bit to flatten the underside of the board, leaving two ridges along the underside ’cause I thought they looked cool. 🙂

Cherry Cheese Board Cherry Cheese Board

I removed some initial material from the ‘cracker slot’ using a large forstner bit, and following that, I set up a ‘template’ on my router table using corner brackets attached to the fence to set the area to be routed out. Following that, the board was sanded and then a round-over bit was used to add a curve to the edges. Small fingered immigrant offspring was then used for sanding (limited success).

Cherry Cheese Board Cherry Cheese BoardThe cherry wood cheese board and knives were then oiled with mineral oil (images below), and following that, were treated with Odie’s wood butter.

Cherry Cheese Board and Maple Cheese Board Cherry Cheese Board and Maple Cheese Board

Hopefully Mel likes it and it gets well used!

Cherry Cheese Board

Cherry Cheese Board

Matching Walnut and Maple Pizza Peel & Cheese Board

This is the matching walnut and maple pizza peel and cheese board photographed together (thanks for the pictures, Jess and Lucas!)

walnut pizza peel and cheese board
In an attempt to save the finish on each board – they are long/edge grain, rather than end grain – I made some cheese knives from walnut for the cheese board and a walnut pizza cutter for the peel.

walnut cheese board and knives walnut cheese board and knives walnut pizza peel

walnut pizza peel and cheese board


Walnut Cheese Board with Maple Inlay

This was a request from a friend who had seen some of my previous boards.  This was the first board that I’ve made without any need for “retouching”.  Hooray!  It is a walnut cheese board with maple inlay.

walnut cheeseboard with maple inlay

walnut cheeseboard with maple inlay   walnut cheeseboard with maple inlay

First the walnut was given two runs through the table saw at different depths for the maple on the topside, then the bottom was dadoed (that is a word, I’m sure), to take the bulk of the stock out and create the feet.  I went east-west because of a knot on the base.  Then the maple was cut and glued in place, and after drying, the excess maple was planed until flush with the walnut.

walnut cheeseboard with maple inlay  walnut cheeseboard with maple inlay

walnut cheeseboard with maple inlay  walnut cheeseboard with maple inlay

After using the plane, the board was run through the router table with a bowl carving bit to give a smooth bottom and rounded inside edges.  Then the cheese board was given round-overs on the router table to remove any sharp edges.

walnut cheeseboard with maple inlay  walnut cheeseboard with maple inlay

After finishing with a few coats of mineral oil (above), Odie’s wood butter was used as the final finish.  I love the single deeper line from the top showing through on the bottom.  Cool board.

walnut cheeseboard with maple inlay  walnut cheeseboard with maple inlay

Walnut cheeseboard with maple inlay.

walnut cheeseboard with maple inlay  walnut cheeseboard with maple inlay

End Grain Chopping Board – Cherry, Maple & Walnut

End grain chopping board in Maple, Cherry and Walnut

This end-grain chopping board was a gift made for an old teammate, confidant and incredibly close friend.  A pal.  A man’s man. A ladies man. An all-round good guy. One of life’s winners. You know, the kind of guy who deserved it, and that had previously given me a piece of cherry that I had used for another end-grain board, and I wanted to make him something with the remainder.  The one I made for myself was a little smaller, and is primarily used as a cheese board.

Making an End Grain Chopping Board

The design for this board was created with CB Designer – a great little program that helps you work out the design before making a cut. There is also an online version that is handy for those that don’t manage to get the original installed… (does not work with Internet Explorer, but seems to work fine with Firefox).

Edge grain glue up

dried edge grain glue up



This is the initial glue-up, following ripping the cherry, maple and walnut to the correct widths (note: the height doesn’t really matter at this stage, as we will plane it down once glued).



Afterwards, we run it through the planerPlaned edge grain board





Crosscutting the edge grainThen we cut it to height using a cross-cut sled on the table saw, and line them up on end, and flip every second piece to create the pattern




Glue-up End-grain cutting board glue up





Then sand it down smooth board




round-over the cornersThen round-over the edges

wipe on varnish, midway through...




Then, for this one, I used the Wood Whisperer’s wiping varnish method, although



16-end-grain-board-post-varnishingI’m still not 100% convinced about it’s longevity, but it looks good at the start!




Feet on end grain chopping boardAdded feet




The finished article: End grain chopping board in Cherry, Maple and Walnut.  Even though he only uses it as a cheese board as he’s too scared to use it. End grain chopping board in Maple, Cherry and Walnut


Also, here is a test to check something

Maple and Walnut Cheese Boards

These are two maple and walnut cheese boards made from a single piece of 2″ thick maple.  As ever, the designs were dependent on the character in the wood.  These two maple and walnut cheese boards have since been given as gifts to my wife’s brother and parents.

maple walnut cheese board      maple walnut cheese board

The maple was run through the dado stack to create the feet in each case.  Then ‘sections’ created in each board by inlaying walnut.

maple walnut cheese board      maple walnut cheese board

maple walnut cheese board

I have since changed the way I do this, following the dado stack, I now finish the underside of the cheese boards with a bowl-carving router bit to give rounded inside edges.

Update: I also started making some wooden cheese knives so that these boards get less hacked up as people use them. These ones are on the larger side for the old folks.. 🙂 :

maple cheese knives      maple cheese board with knives

maple cheese board with knives

Square Cherry Cheese Board with Walnut Inlay

This square cherry cheese board with walnut inlay was made using some cherry that my wife gave me for our 5th wedding anniversary.  Cut to approximately 7 1/2″ square.  The base was then cut out using a dado stack on the table saw. Two perpendicular cuts were made and walnut inlay pieces cut from some larger stock. Following the glue-up, all edges were rounded-over and the board sanded with some 320 grit sandpaper.  The cheese board was then finished with Odie’s Wood Butter.

square cherry cheeseboard walnut inlay

square cherry cheeseboard walnut inlay  Botched the brand a little, but my sister-in-law seemed to like it none-the-less.  Continue reading