Aspen Log Glassybaby Holder

aspen log glassybaby holderThis aspen log glassybaby holder was a present for a friend’s birthday.  The wood came from a felled Aspen on their property in Winthrop, WA.  They had originally requested a coat rack for their cabin, and I had the idea while staying out there to use the aspen for it.  Not a great woodworking wood, but I love how they both turned out.  The hard part was finding the hardware for the coat rack – stalled the project for a long while, but then I came across them at The ReStore.

Aspen Coat Rack      Aspen Coat Rack

The log glassybaby holder itself is – like the coat rack – fairly simple.  The second half of the aspen log sanded flat on the bottom, with four rubber feet, and spaces for the three Glassybaby votives drilled with a large forstner bit.

aspen log glassybaby holder      aspen log glassybaby holderaspen log glassybaby holder


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