H John Hall Mantelpiece carving

I was originally interested in woodwork because of my grandpa – H John Hall – an artist and craftsman who primarily painted and sketched, but who also carved this dhow as a feature for his mantelpiece.  I remember spending time in his workshop as a kid, and being very aware of his patience.  He was a very calming, thoughtful man with a warm smile and a real eye for detail.

Howard Strauss Chopping Board

More recently, since moving to Seattle, my wife and I received a wedding present from  friends of Dora’s parents – a large cutting board made from walnut, maple and cherry, which lit a fire in me to learn more and start to create similar pieces as presents for friends and family.  The plan is to try to make this hobby pay for itself. So if you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the lady (or man) that has several glassybabys, then maybe a wine barrel glassybaby centerpiece could help us both out.

Since taking up woodworking, I have had considerable help, taking a class with Sam Laher at the Center for Wooden Boats, talking design and project ideas with Marc Green and Pete Quinlan, and getting help, tool use and tips from master craftsman Nathie Katzoff and neighbor and cabinetmaker, Roger Morris. Oh, and the YouTube may have played a small part.


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