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Cherry Wood Cheese Board

Cherry Cheese Board

This cherry cheese board was a housewarming gift for a friend’s new vacation home. The board is made of 2″ deep cherry and is approximately 19″ long x 8″ wide. It features walnut inlay, and a routed area for holding crackers (biscuits!). There are also three cherry cheese knives. Unfortunately, I failed to take pictures throughout the process, however, it was similar to others on the site, with the main difference being the routed cracker area.

Cherry Cheese Board - underside Cherry Cheese Board Grooves

First, I used a dado stack to take out most of the underside. Following that, I ran a regular blade from underneath to make a space for the inlay on the underside. Likewise, I used the table saw and crosscut sled to add the two inlay dividers on the top side of the cherry wood cheese board. Following that, I used the router table and a bowl carving bit to flatten the underside of the board, leaving two ridges along the underside ’cause I thought they looked cool. ūüôā

Cherry Cheese Board Cherry Cheese Board

I removed some initial material from the ‘cracker slot’ using a large forstner bit, and following that, I set up a ‘template’ on my router table using corner brackets attached to the fence to set the area to be routed out. Following that, the board was sanded and then a round-over bit was used to add a curve to the edges. Small fingered immigrant offspring was then used for sanding (limited success).

Cherry Cheese Board Cherry Cheese BoardThe cherry wood cheese board and knives were then oiled with mineral oil (images below), and following that, were treated with Odie’s wood butter.

Cherry Cheese Board and Maple Cheese Board Cherry Cheese Board and Maple Cheese Board

Hopefully Mel likes it and it gets well used!

Cherry Cheese Board

Cherry Cheese Board

Matching Walnut and Maple Pizza Peel & Cheese Board

This is the matching walnut and maple pizza peel and cheese board photographed together (thanks for the pictures, Jess and Lucas!)

walnut pizza peel and cheese board
In an attempt to save the finish on each board – they are long/edge grain, rather than end grain – I made some cheese knives from walnut for the cheese board and a walnut pizza cutter for the peel.

walnut cheese board and knives walnut cheese board and knives walnut pizza peel

walnut pizza peel and cheese board


Wood Whisperer Pizza Peel – Walnut & Maple

Wood Whisperer Pizza Peel - Walnut and Maple

This take on the Wood Whisperer Pizza Peel (Thanks Marc!) was made for a¬†friend who requested¬†one after I had previously made her this¬†walnut cheese board with¬†maple inlay. I wanted to use the same design for the pizza peel, and after watching the Wood Whisperer’s video, set to work creating one of my own.

After creating the template (using string and a pencil for the arcs, as I do not have the “bow” that he used),¬†rasping the edges and sanding it smooth.¬† Here it is with the piece of walnut prior to¬†cutting the required pieces.

pizza peel template    pizza peel template and raw walnut

Walnut and maple stock ready for glue up.¬† Then the glue up for the maple “stripes” with the walnut (these were just the first two¬†clamps – several more were used along the length of the piece!).¬† The wood whisperer pizza peel uses 1/2″ stock – this is a little thicker – almost 3/4″.

pizza peel milled stock  maple walnut glue up

I did up the glue-up in several sections to make sure that I got it right.

pizza peel glue up left side  pizza peel glue up right side

then glued the final two parts together, and aligned it to my template.  Draw round the template in pencil, then rough-cut at the bandsaw.

pizza peel post glue up  pizza peel with template

After the bandsaw, I used double sided tape to stick the peel to the template, and used a flush-trim router bit to mimic the shape of the template with the walnut. Following that, I used a round-over router bit to round over all the edges.

pizza peel after flush trip  pizza peel round over

I rounded over the top parts of the handle, and then rough cut the handle shape on the band saw. Then flush-trimmed the top part of the handle before rounding over each side of the handle.  Then used a rasp, but mostly the belt sander to make the front lip for the peel.  No pictures of that though!

pizza peel handle glue up   Flush trimmed and rounded over pizza peel

The pizza peel was then sanded with 120 and then 320 grit sandpaper and ready for finishing.

pizza peel handle  pizza peel ready for oil

First I gave it several coats of mineral oil

pizza peel with mineral oil  oiled pizza peel

And then finished it with Odie’s Wood Butter.¬† I don’t know if this is the best finish to use for this purpose, but didn’t manage to find any good guidance online for the best choice of finish for this purpose.¬† Obviously I want it to last, as it’s not going to a woodworker, so I came up with a potential solution with a custom pizza cutter.

Finished Pizza Peel  Finished Pizza Peel

After I met with Jess, we decided that it should have a hole in the handle for hanging it in storage/display, so back to the workshop to do that, and then i was inspired and used some of the left over scrap to make a pizza cutting arc – time will tell if it works.¬† I think it needs to be a few inches deeper to be really effective, but the hope is that avoiding a metal pizza wheel will keep the board looking pretty for a long time… fingers crossed!

Pizza peel  Pizza peel handle with hook slot

A little inlay on the cutting arc to make it match, natch.

Walnut Pizza Peel with Cutting Arc    Walnut Pizza Peel with Cutting Arc

I hope you like it!