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Walnut, Maple and Steel Centerpiece

I had a gift in mind for several of my family members, and up stepped a friend who – incredibly generously – donated his time to help make the Christmas present a reality (obviously, it’s not Christmas yet, but I’ll post a picture of his work once the time has passed!).  I wanted to find a way to pay him back, and along with some shaving oil to make his life better, and a SodaStream, that I was told he’d been eyeing, I made him a piece in the workshop. Not even close to an equal trade, but hopefully he likes it!  Below is the walnut, maple and steel centerpiece.

Oiling the walnut and maple centerpiece

Oiling the centerpiece

This is a beautiful piece of 2″ thick walnut, with amazing grain on both the top and both visible edges. Almost the last piece from the wood Dora bought me as my 5th Anniversary present.  A wee stripe of Maple inlay, and some handles/feet created from steel angles.  I love combining the metal and the wood, and love how the dark wood mixes well with the dark steel.

Walnut, Maple and Steel Centerpiece

Walnut, Maple and Steel Centerpiece

Walnut, Maple and Steel CenterpieceAnd for the record, here is the amazing piece that Gabe did for me – a picture of the house where I grew up (apologies for my amateurish appearance in the reflection):

Gabriel Machmacha Pencil Drawing

Aspen Log Glassybaby Holder

aspen log glassybaby holderThis aspen log glassybaby holder was a present for a friend’s birthday.  The wood came from a felled Aspen on their property in Winthrop, WA.  They had originally requested a coat rack for their cabin, and I had the idea while staying out there to use the aspen for it.  Not a great woodworking wood, but I love how they both turned out.  The hard part was finding the hardware for the coat rack – stalled the project for a long while, but then I came across them at The ReStore.

Aspen Coat Rack      Aspen Coat Rack

The log glassybaby holder itself is – like the coat rack – fairly simple.  The second half of the aspen log sanded flat on the bottom, with four rubber feet, and spaces for the three Glassybaby votives drilled with a large forstner bit.

aspen log glassybaby holder      aspen log glassybaby holderaspen log glassybaby holder